Who is Southern Ground Control?

Southern Ground Control collaborates with K-12 schools to create and maintain education gardens. In this outdoor classroom, students learn how rainwater conservation and eco-friendly gardening are interconnected. Working side-by-side with the science department and other faculty, our consultation services provide customized designs unique to your facility and coordinating features with the classroom curriculum to meet the needs of students at every grade level.

Discover How an Education Garden Works

Schools have a vast amount of usable outdoor space which is often under-appreciated. When they are used well, natural resources can be harvested and produced, while creating a myriad of learning and teaching opportunities. But how does an Education Garden work?
Harvest Some Rain

Vast amounts of rain, one of our most vital resources, can be harvested by installing a network of collection pipes around the exterior of the school.

Store the Harvested Rain

Rain can be harvested and collected in cisterns for re-use. Redirecting the rain from the water cycle helps prevent erosion, water quality, availability issues, and storm water management problems in surrounding areas.

The Overflow Creates a New Habitat

Water from cisterns is directed into the rain garden, where it is filtered and seeps naturally into the earth to recharge the groundwater. Rain gardens flourish with plants which are native to the region and attractive to butterflies and local wildlife-some which produce edible plants like blueberries.

Use the Rest of the Water for Veggie Gardens

Remaining water stored within the cistern can be used for irrigating additional gardens containing vegetables, fruit trees, or other useful plants-or use it to water the ornamental plants used in the campus landscaping.